Whether small emergency department intake/triage renovations or $54 million campus modernization plans, JMD always conforms to project budgets established at the outset, and in many cases returns money back to the client. As option driven designers, JMD always achieves broad consensus behind a design direction; the result being buy-in from all stake holders, improved morale, and improved customer satisfaction. JMD is a specialized healthcare only planning, programming, and design firm, and offers the finest in project management, budgeting, and design services for a select clientele. JMD is expert in providing innovative, efficient, and flexible customer centered designs in today’s limited resource environment.

Jones Medical Design (JMD) are healthcare only architects with a proven record of practical innovation and budget control. JMD’s design protocol is research driven and unique in that the product effectively matches advances in evidence based medicine and practice to the built environment. All JMD designs can pass any evidence based filter applied to them, and JMD can claim several ‘firsts’ in innovation. As Bonnie Butler, Practice Manager of KCD recently stated “None of our four Ophthalmic Surgeons could find anything wrong with the design, and that’s scary,” or as Dr. Wirth, past President of the American Board of Neurosurgeons stated upon review of a state-of-the-art neurosciences institute “I can find no way to improve the design.” These are typical client testimonials certifying that JMD’s design process, creativity, and innovation leave no stone unturned when arriving at the best solution for the mission.