“The facility is absolutely stunning. I was overtaken by it. We are very proud.”
– Cindy Fox Miller, Baptist Easley Foundation Chair

“Our architect, solved what we thought was an unsolvable problem.”
– Dr. Jean Chin, CEO, MD, MBA, Diplomate ABIM, UGA Health Services Director

“His collaborative approach with our medical staff and employees has resulted in a highly functional and very well accepted facility. Patient and community response has been overwhelmingly positive.”
– Tom Fitz, President and former CEO of St. Mary’s Healthcare System

“JMD are schematic geniuses.”
– Kenn Flynn, Project Manager

“The renovations are functionally perfect.”
– UGA Women’s Health
Services Director

“I’ve participated in hundreds of architect presentations to hospital boards, JMD’s presentation is the
only one I can recall where the Committee and Physicians applauded upon conclusion.”

– Judy Smith, National Birthing Consultant with Smith Hager Bajo, Boston

“My spirit is uplifted when I come into this space.”
– Dr. Middendorf, Intensivist

“Tom Fitz, President and former CEO of St. Mary’s asked JMD to create something ‘uplifting, comfortable, and
really inspiring.’ Mr. Fitz asked the 200 visitors their opinion; guests responded with rousing applause.”

– Athens Banner Herald

“Greg and his team exceeded our expectations.”
– David Bailey, Cardiology Services Director

“I can think of no way to improve the design.”
– Fremont P. Wirth, MD, Past President of American Association of Neurological Surgeons,
Director of American Board of Neurosurgery

“Fantastic facility. Great attention to detail.”
– St. Mary’s Health System Anesthesiologist

“The ICU at St. Mary’s ranks in the top 10th percentile.”
– NCR Picker

“The design is unbelievable. This is a great day for the Athens community.”
– St. Mary’s Healthcare System Board Member

“The layout is perfect from the patient care workflow perspective.”
– Ronald Forehand, MD, FAAFP, UGA DIrector of Medical Services

“I have agreement that your latest design was brilliant.”
– Dr. Jean Chin, CEO, MD, MBA, Diplomate ABIM, UGA Health Services Director

“None of our four ophthalmic surgeons could find anything wrong with the design – and that’s scary.”
– Bonnie Butler, Surgery Center Manager

“After a year of operations, I can not think of one thing we would change. Our architect, Greg Jones, had a lot
of great ideas and worked closely with the staff in the design of the new unit. I am very very pleased with how
things turned out.”

– Diane Hinely, MSN, RN, Neurosciences Manager
with St. Joseph’s / Candler Health System

“We are super, super pleased with the design. Everything is so impressive that even after a year of operation we continue to receive compliments. The process is evidenced in the design. You can see it.”
– Neurosciences Director

“I’ve completed over 110 surgery centers and Athens Eye Surgery Center was the best project to date.”
– Jennie Simmons, President of Surgery Center Consultants

“It was a blessing working with these guys.”
– Will Gaither, PM with Brasfield and Gorrie Contractors

“The architect really captured what I was after. I could not be more pleased.”
– President and CEO of St. Mary’s Healthcare System

“This is a great place to work. It is really fantastic. We are very lucky.”
– Dr. Gary Persons, MD, Obstetrician

“The docs could not find anything wrong with the design.”
– Kemberly Mixon, MBA, BSN, RNC, Women’s Services Director

“This is the most amazing thing I’ve seen.”
– Dr. Dicks, Neurosurgeon Chief of Staff